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1. Which was recommended for leaders when communicating a vision?

a. set a concrete deadline for attaining key aspects of the vision

b. explain in a general way how the vision can be attained

c. remind followers about the obstacles so they do not become complacent

d. offer incentives to followers for their help in attaining the vision

2. According to Burns, transforming leaders are most likely to appeal to:

a. fairness and reciprocity

b. economic self interest

c. respect for rules and tradition

d. ideals and moral values

3. What conclusion is best supported in the cas study by Roberts of a school administrator?

a. followers attribute charisma to a new leader who uses unconventional behavior and enthusiastic visioning to deal successfully with a crisis

b. followers attribute charisma to a new leaer who uses an unconventional approach in a crisis, regardless of the outcome

c. followers attribute charisma to a new leader who uses unconventional behavior and enthusiastic visioning, regardless of whether there is a crisis

d. charisma is unlikely to be attributed to any new leader in a highly bureaucratic organization, regardless of the situation

4. Descriptive research on narcissistic charismatics found that they are most likely to:

a. take the time to guide and facilitate the implementation of their vision in the organization

b. press ahead in a persistent quest to attain their vision despite setbacks or negative evidence

c. give recognition to followers who make important contributions to the attainment of th vision

d. plan carefully for a successor qualified to protect the vision after the leader departs

Reference no: EM13901348

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