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Carmen Viers lost everything to a fire and has spent the last eight weeks living in a motel room at a cost of $2,463. Her dwelling, which was destroyed as a result of a lightning strike, was insured with an HO-2 policy for $211,009. Prior to the? loss, her home was valued at $230,000, her detached garage and pool house were valued at $26,761, and her personal property had an actual cash value of $78,020.

To make matters worse she sustained $10,000 in injuries while trying, unsuccessfully, to save her three Greyhound dogs valued at $6,000 each. How much of her total losses and expenses will be reimbursed if she has a $1,000 deductible?

Reference no: EM132280648

Distinguish between global-expatriates-local nationals

Distinguish between global, expatriates, local nationals, and third country nationals. Select one and provide an example when it would be appropriate to use that type of resou

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What is the role of Information Systems in preventing fraud or unethical behavior in a company? Discuss If a company’s manufacturing system increased production based on the f

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Andy leases to Burgertown Franchise Corporation a 10,000 square-foot commercial building under a written lease with a twenty-year term, rent payable an­nually. Earnest respond

Additional parties to manage a firms logistics operations

Control is a major issue in Performance Based Logistics (PBL) management. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages associated with PBL and what is being done to limit

Draw a flow chart for the medication process

A hospital has identified nonrandom variations in medication errors. These errors can emanate along a process from prescription orders to delivery to a patient. Hence, conside

Products that comprise customer order

A, B, C, and D are products that comprise a customer's order. They must all be completed before the order can be shipped. The circles represent operations that must be perform

We definitely needed some kind of national health care

We definitely needed some kind of national health care (this isn't really national health care, though) with 38.8 million Americans uninsured a couple of years back and those

Develop a team building training program

Develop a team building training program. You have $200,000 that is allocated for the training. Use the total amount allocated and not go over or under the amount.


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