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Throughout time artist/ writers have created songs about the ups and downs, the good and bad, new love and love lost in their lyrics about relationships. Chapter eight introduces the reader to the Social Exchange Theory, which provides an insight into measuring relational satisfaction from an economic perspective.

There are several components of the equation: cost, rewards, expectations, and alternatives. Even the best relationship at it's most intensifying point has costs. No relationship is cost free! However, what one person views as a cost, another may view as a reward. With that said rewards are not measured equally.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjKrpxjp7ao&feature=related (Links to an external site.)

• Watch the youtube video. This song by Alicia Keys highlights the different perspectives on relationship attraction/satisfaction by focusing on the difference between those who strive for tangible versus intangible rewards. (Links to an external site.)

o What is your position on the value our culture places on these two types of rewards?
o Which type of reward is the most important to you? Answer these two question in your post.
o Then, identify an online music video or image that demonstrates an example of the dynamics of relationships.

o Your post can relate to any type of relationship i.e.. friendship, romance, parental.

o Share the image or video in a discussion post (you may embed the media or post a link to it) before Wednesday, at 11:59PM.

o In your post, explain why you chose the piece and how your example relates to the initiation, maintenance or termination of; complex nature; or changing dynamics of relationships.

o Do you agree or disagree position present? Why or Why Not?

Student Examples

Hello Class!

Student #1:

I think society and the media places many people to want tangible rewards. The nice house, the nice car, the nice vacations, a high paying job/career and so on. I think intangible things are nice to have when you worked hard for them but I believe their comes a point in your life where things shift and other things are more important to you. This leads to the intangible things being more important such as friendship and family which they provide support and companionship. Our society today lives in such a world where the media influences us majorly but that sometimes we have to sit down and really thinks what means the most to us and what we really want out of life. Is it intangible things such as family, friends, support, and so on or tangible things such as no family time spent together with a really nice house and cars and no support system?

I chose the video by Lady Antebellum which I have never heard or seen this video but it really affected me and it's called "Never Alone." I chose it because it is talking about that no matter what is going on in your life family and good friends will always be their for you. This is so true because I am a family girl and my good friends I know no matter what that they will always be their for me and same goes me for them. Family and friends are a good comfort thing to have because through hard times and good times they are always their for you. Of course, with friends they come and go throughout your life but the ones that stay in your life through your lifetime are your true friends and I have learned that throughout the years. The people that are no longer in your life weren't meant to be their and if they were they come back into your life when you least expect it sometimes. Of course, sometimes they do and sometimes they don't like they say sometimes it is a small world. I think that maintenance or initiation can be another reason why I chose this video even though its about that you are never alone you still have to work at a relationship rather it be a friendship, a family member, or a romantic relationship. If a friend comes to us with a problem we initiate by giving them our advice and how it would help them and same goes for other relationships. I also think you have to continue to work to maintain a friendship if something is bugging you about something that person did it should be brought up but in the right manner and tone of voice. Otherwise it just eats away at you. This is why I think that maintenance and initiation are kind of affected in this video but in a hidden way.

Their is two different videos for this song I thought both of them were good but it is the same song:

Lady Antebellum "Never Alone" Music Video (Links to an external site.)

Student #2:

What is your position on the value our culture places on these two types of rewards? Intangible and tangible rewards are valued differently from generation to generation. The social exchange theory identifies how American society puts cost and value between encounters. I think that each individual must determine what is valuable to them. Either way you look at it, the rewards in each one of our relationships dictate our decisions on how we go about those relationships. It we find it more valuable to be with a certain individual then we will put much more effort in building that relationship. Just like in business, no one does anything without being motivated to do something which leads me to think that intangible things are worth more than the tangible ones.

Which type of reward is the most important to you? I personally think that the intangible rewards are most important to me because things will come and go, but the intangible rewards that are built through relationships have more benefit than any tangible one. Relationships keep people genuine and helps promotes emotional support that is far more beneficial in the long run over tangible rewards.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yY3CehyfUko (Links to an external site.)

I choose Katy Perry's "Hot and Cold" song because I think that is signifies a lot of aspects of many relationships. She begins her video in the bonding stage at her wedding. However the guy gets cold feet and starts to think twice about the commitment. That'e s when the song breaks out where she calls him out left and right. I think it optimizes what transpires within real relationships throughout the world. People are always changing and people feeling hurt when the miscommunication causes unwanted emotions. Her video shows her frustrations and she is obviously venting. However, just when all hope looks lost and she was practically thinking of terminating the relationship until the groom looks at her and changes his mind again and decides to jump all in. Like most relationships, we evaluate the rewards associated with maintaining the deep connection. The guy on the video seems disinterested and confused which I think is a typical feeling that many men deal with. Marriage is a big commitment and I think her song pokes at the ups and downs a relationship brings. In conclusion, you must take into consideration of the other person's feelings in order to avoid some of the complex situations that we encounter when we engage in a romantic relationship.

Student #3:

I believe the value our culture places on tangible rewards is misguided. Movies, magazines, media and TV have exaggerated and embellished stories of the rich and famous. They portray their lives as happy, exciting and fulfilling, all because of what they ‘ have'. Every day people in our culture seem to strive for bigger, better, brighter, faster. Acquiring ‘things' seems to be the goal. My opinion is that it is more important to place value on people and relationships; passing your values and life stories on to your children and grandchildren; loving and sacrificing for another; making a difference in someone else's life. These things will remain, while superficial ‘things' will fade away. For me, intangible rewards are, by far, more satisfying and rewarding. They are the stuff that real joy is made of. And no one can ever take them from you. King Solomon, considered one of the wisest men of all time, summed it up well: "I became greater than all who had lived in Jerusalem before me...All that my eyes desired I did not refuse them; I did not withhold my heart from any pleasure...A nd behold, all was meaningless, like chasing the wind."

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWLpiPlJAA8 (Links to an external site.) - "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" by Elton John and Kiki Dee

Classic. I smiled all through this video. This song portrays a couple in " relational maintenance", probably integrating or bonding. I love how this song depicts the kind of relationship where it is obvious they know each other so well. They can predict the other's needs and be able to meet the need without the othereven needing to ask. They finish each other's thoughts. There is an obvious mutual understanding, a reassuring love and respect that is so basic, it is priceless. "Partners develop unique, ritualistic ways of behaving. They may even begin to speak alike. As partners become better acquainted, their knowledge of each other makes overt requests less necessary." (text p. 279)

Reference no: EM131342441

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