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Assignment: Professional Learning Journal

All public health professionals benefit from understanding epidemiology and how to interpret epidemiological research. You may already have experience conducting or interpreting epidemiological studies. This first journal entry gives you the chance to reflect on your experience with epidemiology in either your professional or personal life and to think about your expectations for the course.

To complete this Assignment, respond to the following:

Describe your reaction upon beginning this course (PUBH - 6035 Epidemiology Decoding the Science of Public Health). What are you hoping to gain from taking this course? Are you already familiar with epidemiological concepts and methods? If so, how? Which topics are most interesting to you, and why? How do you think epidemiology impacts positive social change? How do you think that you will or can use information from this course in your career as a public health professional to effect positive social change?

Reference no: EM132184230

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