Which the international-global sector affect organizations

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Discuss the importance of the global sector for today’s organizations, compared to domestic sectors. What are some ways in which the international-global sector affect organizations in your city or community?

Given the international, global, or glocal nature of business today, do you think functioning as adversaries is prudent or just ‘the nature of businesses’? Can collaboration and a sense of coopetition be a ways-and-means to glocal success? How does uncertainty impact collaboration and coopetition?

Reference no: EM132184002

Disruptive technology obviously impacts number of business

Determining importance is not always easy. What may be important to you may not be a concern to others. Importance, other than what the media feel is important, deals with how

Part of project integration management

How does having a scope and WBS help project teams during project execution? Why is it difficult to develop good plans? Name the main planning tasks performed as part of proje

Describe how the view of operations as a process

Describe how the view of operations as a process can be applied to the following types of work: acquisition of another company, closing the books at the end of the year, marke

Brought operations and supply change management

There have been significant developments that have brought operations and supply change management to the forefront of manager’s attention. Discuss some of these recent develo

Potential of continuedsourcing from low-cost country

Select a component or finished good that you are familiar with that is sourced from a low-cost country. Develop a total cost value proposition to evaluate the potential of con

Objective appraisal of resources-effective implementation

There are four characteristics of successful strategies: Clear, consistent, long-term objectives. Profound understanding of the environment. Objective appraisal of resources.

Describe any information that may help alliance reduce costs

Describe any information that may help Alliance reduce costs while providing better service. Propose a new approach that could be used by Alliance by using the purchase info

Actual construction of the bridge superstructure

A project to build a new bridge seems to be going very well since the project is well ahead of schedule and costs seem to be running very low. A major milestone has been reach


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