Which stage of mitosis does this describe

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During cell division, centromeres have separated, and chromatids are pulled apart, becoming chromosomes. Which stage of mitosis does this describe?

Reference no: EM132280512

What syndrome is defined by an xxx genotype

How is sex determined in grasshoppers? Can you find out other examples of organisms with a similar system of sex determination.What syndrome is defined by an XXX genotype.

Calculate the percentage of the bacterial genome

Sequencing of a new bacterial genome revealed a circular genome of 2.9 x 106 base pairs. Open reading frame (ORF) analysis indicated the presence of 2,120 ORFs that encode p

Affect chromosomal structure

There are four basic types of anomalies that can affect chromosomal structure: deletions, duplications, inversions, andtranslocations. Which of these rearrangements is likely


For each of the following terms, do the following: (1) define the word, (2) breakdown the following words into their individual word parts, and (3) define each word part: a

Provide symbols to represent the genes and alleles

One haploid strain is unable to synthesize uracil but not unable to synthesize leucine, while another haploid strain is able to synthesize uracil but not leucine.

What type of feedback loop

A client was admitted to the hospital with hypertension. The development of arteriosclerosis associated with hypertension has further increased resistance to blood flow, wor

How bacteria are used to remove pollutants

Discuss two examples of how bacteria are used to remove pollutants through bioremediation. Provide the genus and species of the two microbes selected, and briefly describe t

Function of the immune system

According to the FDA,  immunotoxicity refers to any adverse effect on the structure or function of the immune system,  or on other systems as a result of immune system dysfu


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