Which stage of mitosis does this describe

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During cell division, centromeres have separated, and chromatids are pulled apart, becoming chromosomes. Which stage of mitosis does this describe?

Reference no: EM132280512

Estimate the cotransduction frequency for pur and nad

In a generalized transduction system using P1 phage, the done is pur+ nad + pdx- and the recipient is pur- nad- pdx+. The donor allele pur+ is initially selected after transdu

Which are the levels of organization

Which are the levels of organization involved in your example (c1)? Cite events occurring at its main level of organization (c2) and indicate how they relate to the whole bo

What is propability that mary and dick child have freckles

Mary has freckles,but her husband Dick does not.Mary's father has freckles but her mother does not.what is the propability that Mary and Dick's child will have freckles?

List the order of of passage of list through the eye ball

list the order of of passage of list through the eye ball using the following: lens, tunica vasculosa, vitreous humor, cornea, tunica ch pupil, posterior & anterior chamber.

Nutrition and specific health issues

Articles about nutrition and specific health issues. Choose two that you believe to be related for the essay assignment and follow these instructions: Name and citation for

What enzyme reaction does this drug affect

The enzyme loctate dehydrogenase (LDH) is present in all tissues as a catalyst of anaerobic glycolysis. It has 5 isoforms, describe these isoforms and how they can be used i

Risk of developing breast cancer

1. Do Web research to name a gene, other than BRCA1, that increases risk of developing breast cancer when mutant. What is the process or mechanism that the mutation disrupts

What are the map distances

In gorgonzolas, there are three recessive traits that affect the organism's appeal: shrunken fruit, foul-smelling flowers, and short height. A heterozygote was crossed with


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