Which situation reflects scarcity rather than shortage

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There are not enough of four goods to satisfy the wants of people. For good A, this is true when the price is $100. This is true for good B at a price of $10, for good C at a price of $1, and for good D at a price of zero. Which situation reflects scarcity rather than shortage?

Reference no: EM13997433

What was the real interest rate earned

In January of 1980, a Troy ounce of gold sold for $850 (an all-time high). Over the 28 years from 1980 to 2008, the CPI has grown at a compounded annual rate of 3.3%. In 2008

About adapting growth accounting to developments in economy

Recall the Application about adapting growth accounting to new developments in the economy to answer the following? question(s). According to this? Application, economists Car

Separate demand curves in two separate markets

A monopolist faces two separate demand curves in two separate markets: P1 = 72 - 3Ql and P2 = 90 - 2Q2. The total cost curve is TC = 6 + 6Q. Find the price elasticities at the

Find the monopolists profit maximizing price

A newspaper has a monopoly on the local news market in a town. The market demand is given by P=1.70-Q/20,000, making the marginal revenue MR=1.70-Q/10,000. The marginal cost i

What the current market indicates

Use the principles of supply and demand to address a predetermined goal (set by the student) in the gasoline market. Be clear on what the current market indicates and why an

What would the nash equilibrium be in this game

Two street racers are playing a simultaneous game of chicken. They have to race towards each other and whoever swerves first is chicken and faces shame, a loss of 8, while the

Estimate the population mean price-earnings ratio

The price-earnings ratio for all companies whose shares are traded on a specific stock exchange follow a normal distribution with a standard deviation of 3.8. A random sample

Sources of cost that vertical integration

Identify the three sources of cost that vertical integration is intended to mitigate or remove. However, no firm is fully integrated, implying there is a cost to vertical in


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