Which resistor will burn outfirst if the current is increase

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Four 1/2 W resistors are in series: 49-ohm , 64-ohm,109-ohm , and 125-ohm . To what maximum value can the current be raised before the power rating ofone of the resistors is exceeded? Which resistor will burn outfirst if the current is increased above the maximum?

Reference no: EM13289428

Determine the time required to machine the workpiece

Repeat the calculations in Example 15.4 for stainless steel instead of cast iron. Use the same material dimensions and operating conditions, and compare the machining times

Determine what is the velocity of the blood

Suppose it is known that a 5MHz transducer axis makes an angle of 30 degrees relative to the direction of motion of blood in a vessel. If the Doppler frequency is measured t

What physical address will a code byte be fethed from

a) the code segment for an 8086 program starts at address70400H, what number will be in the CS register b) assuming this same code segment base, what physical address will a

Determine the voltage induced in the coil

Suppose we have a ten-turn square coil 25 cm on each side lying in the x-y plane. A magnetic flux density is directed in the positive z direction and is given by 0.7 sin(120

Estimate the ratio of powers generated by the same speed

Suppose a turbine is used for generating electricity, estimate the ratio of powers generated by the same speed water and air. (Water density=1g/cm3, air density =1.2kg/m3)

Peak amplitude measurement

When carrying out an FFT of a cosine wave whose frequency is 0.1Hz and whose amplitude is unity , explain why the peak amplitude measurement obtained in the range 0.09Hz to

Magnetic circuit of figure

The magnetic circuit of figure has two windings and two air gaps. The core can be assumed to be of infinite permeability. The core dimensions are indicated in the figure.

How the design can be characterized by monod kinetics

In doing so, they learned through laboratory studies that the maximum growth rate of the bacteria will be 0.66 day -1 and that the half-saturation constant will be 64.5 mg L


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