Which price alternative will maximize total revenue

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The relationship d = 8000 40p describes what happens to demand (d) as price (p) varies. a. What is the maximum price that this market will bear? Explain. b. Model the expression (equation) for total revenue. c. Which price alternative will maximize total revenue? What are the values for demand and revenue at this price? d. If the variable cost to produce the item is $100, and fixed costs are $1000, find the breakeven volume. e. What is the minimum price that the company would likely be willing to charge? Explain. f. Which of the above prices would maximize profit? g. Graph the revenue, cost, and profit for this firm over the relevant range of prices.

Reference no: EM13902343

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If a bond expiring in one year, with face value of 100, is trading today for $95, and a similar bond expiring in two years is trading for $90, what should be the forward rate

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Describe how movie theaters use various marketing channels and the supply chain management function to distribute your product. In some cases where the product is in a fixed l


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