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Task 1:

Context: When searching for a new job, most people know that they will need an outstanding resume, cover letter and interview. Did you know you can dramatically increase the attention you get from employers by tailoring your materials to each specific job? It's not as difficult as it might sound.

By reading job postings carefully, you can make small edits to your job search materials and make them stand out from the competition. In this exercise, you will review a job posting and identify ways to make your materials the strongest match possible for the employer.


1. Find a job description for a vacant position in the field you have chosen (related to your Harrison program).

a. Job postings can be found online, on company websites, or in periodicals.

b. Check out the Job Searching tab in our LRC Career Services page for suggestions.

2. Review the job description for key points, and identify where you meet those points.

3. Paste a copy of the job description below and then answer the following questions.

Job Vacancy Description (including source citation/web link):

What are the major (2-3) duties of this position?

Address these items by completing the table below:
· What top 5 skills and qualities is the employer seeking? These may be named in the job description, or ones you can infer from reading the posting and researching your field? (You can begin researching your field at www.bls.gov/oco, professional association websites, or through networking).

· Assess yourself. Which of these skills and qualities do you possess? Where did you develop them?

· If you don't have that skill or quality, what else do you offer that is related?

· How will you demonstrate this point in your resume, cover letter, and interview? Give specific examples of key words and places where you can integrate your experience to make your case.

Top 5 Skills/Qualities

Do you have this skill/quality? (Y/N)

(If yes) How did you develop it?

(If no) What related skill do you possess?

How will you demonstrate it?

EXAMPLE -Organization


I used organizational skills in my position as an administrative assistant. I also had to be very organized balancing school and work simultaneously.


Skills Summary - Organization allowed me to manage all the details for the company's annual banquet.

Experience - I will have a bullet point about organization under my administrative assistant position

Cover Letter:

I will discuss working full-time while pursuing my education and the organization this took.





















Task 2:

Discussion Topic:

"What is your greatest weakness?"

"Negative" questions, at first, seem difficult to answer. You want to impress your potential boss during your interview, not share negative information about how yourself. Instead, try to see the question behind the question - the employer is really asking "Tell me about how you have developed a plan for self-improvement."

Example: "Well, I used to be terrified to speak in front of an audience. To help me get past this fear of public speaking, I decided to join a local chapter of Toastmasters. It was a very supportive environment and the other members provided great feedback to help me improve my speaking skills. After participating in meetings for six months, I was awarded the title of "Most Improved Speaker!" Now, I look forward to opportunities to present to my co-workers.

Reference no: EM131237200

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