Which of the two major parties and their candidates had

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Answer the question in total around 200 words:

During the period from Reconstruction to the Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt only, which of the two major parties and their candidates had the best plan for the African-American community? Why?

Be specific, supporting your answer with evidence from the readings.

Reference no: EM132184455

How did the culture relate to or influence early us history

What was their life/experience/culture like? When was this happening? What else was happening in the world at this time? How did this culture/event relate to or influence earl

Make a list of reasons jefferson''s political

Make a list of reasons Jefferson's political views differed from those of the Federalists. In an MLA style paper, reflect on how Jefferson went on to carry out those visions i

Discuss social and political characteristics

Discuss social and political characteristics, traits, ideas, beliefs, and traditions that make Western society "western". Only consider people, places, and events of Western C

How will it benefit the lives of americans across country

Be sure to make an argument supporting your proposed amendment. Why should this change be made? How will it benefit the lives of Americans across the country? Why does this

Importance of the arch in roman architecture and engineering

Discuss the importance of the arch in Roman architecture and engineering. Identify historical events and characters that influenced the development of Roman art and architectu

Intelligence and homeland security

Using the article on the plots that failed and the text, what are some of the primary lessons to be learned about intelligence and homeland security? What does Homeland Securi

The iconic photo of the great depression

Write a paragraph about the   The iconic photo of the Great Depression was taken by Dorothea Lange in March 1936 and entitled “Migrant Mother.” The photo portrays pea picker

What are political or social goals of this terrorist group

What do Al Qaeda's motives classify the group into-Exotic Terrorism, Religious Terrorism, International Terrorism, Gender-selective Terrorism, Criminal Dissident Terrorism,


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