Which of the three plans has the highest eps

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Destin Corp is comparing three different capital structures. Plan A would result in 10,000 shares of stock and $90,000 in debt. Plan B would result in 7,600 shares of stock and $198,000 in debt. The all equity plan would result in 12,000 shares of stock outstanding. The interest rate on debt is 10%, and the EBIT is $48,000. If Destin Corp has a tax rate of 40%, which of the three plans has the highest EPS?

Reference no: EM132185249

Determining the expected return and standard deviation

Assume that the risk-free rate is 9%, and the expected return and standard deviation on the market portfolio M is 0.19 and 0.20, respectively. The correlation coefficient be

Effective annual interest rate (in percent) on the loan

Suppose a borrower receives a 30 year CPM at 5% annually for 30 years for $450,000 but  must pay 3 points at origination. Assuming the loan is held to maturity and payments ar

What will year 2 free cash flow for the project be

NWC requirements at the beginning of each yearis approximately 20% of the projected sales during the coming year. Thetax rate is 40% and the required returnon the project is

What is the formula

Market prices are $1.0.35 for bonds, $19 for preferred stock and $35 for common stock. There will be sufficient internal common equity funding (i.e., retained earnings) avai

Construct an efficient portfolio

Construct an efficient portfolio. Assume the risk free rate over the period is 6.4%. Calculate the Efficient Frontier and Capital Allocation Line (CAL) for three asset class

Shares of stock at the current stock price

Looking forward to next year, if Digby's current cash balance is $19,378 (000) and cash flows from operations next period are unchanged from this period, and Digby takes ONL

Calculate the arc price elasticity of demand

Stinging Pesticides, corporation, provides scorpion control services, to residential and business customers in the El Paso area. The corporation recently raised its service pr

What is the present value of the tax savings in perpetuity

A firm plans to issue $700,000 worth of debt at a YTM of 7.5%. The debt is trading at par. The firm's marginal corporate tax rate is 30%. What is the present value of the ta


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