Which of the Theory -X or Y do you most align with

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Which of the Theory -X or Y do you most align with ? How does that affect your behavior as a manager ? Based upon what you know about the pros and cons of both perspectives, what one thing can you do to make you more effective manager?

Reference no: EM131428909

Organizational development domestically and internationally

Describe the differences between Organizational Development practices domestically (within the United States) and internationally. Offer an example or two of how cultures and

In order to achieve its impressive result

In order to achieve its impressive result, Subaru Indiana Automotive (SIA) needs employees who are hardworking, attentive to detail, and dependable. These characteristics are

Future prospects of her fast-growing business

An entrepreneur is negotiating the sale of her company. She is genuinely optimistic about the future prospects of her fast-growing business. The buyer, who truly likes the com

What should megan do next with regard to senior leadership

Jan Davis, Communications Manager for Kingfisher Retailers, was stunned. Megan Drake, president of Kingfisher had just announced during an employee teleconference broadcast by

Human resources-systems-culture and constitutive

In what ways do critical approaches to organizational communication differ from the other approaches we’ve considered so far (classical, human relations, human resources, syst

Underlying philosophy regarding work and equity

If a person said to you, “It’s easy to reduce turnover – just pay people more money,” what would your response be? What is your underlying philosophy regarding work and equity

The injection molding department

The injection molding department of a company uses an average of 30 gallons of special lubricant a day. The supply of the lubricant is replenished when the amount on hand is 1

Used in recent major and a recent minor purchase

Describe the sources and types of information you used in a recent major and a recent minor purchase. Classify it in terms of Figure 15-4. Explain why you used the information


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