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1. For retailers, promotion refers to:

- the image a store attempts to maintain through their pricing strategy.

- both their in-store environment and their mass media communications.

- supply chain communication.

- the relationship between price and product.

2. Which of the statements concerning corporate chains is WRONG:

- Corporate chains allow individual stores to have the maximum independence in terms of merchandise and performance policies.

- Corporate chains are able to negotiate with suppliers for special services or volume discounts.

- Corporate chains are multiple outlets under common ownership.

- Corporate chains usually use centralized decision making.

3. Regarding the major types of retailers:

- Department stores are facing increased competition from several other types of retailers.

- Catalog showrooms are among the most profitable forms of retailing because they have the lowest available prices.

- Discounters have continued to maintain images quite distinct from department stores.

- Off-price retailing matured in the early 1950s and its growth has been quite stable since.

4. Which is wrong regarding various types of retailing:

- Chain stores, though they centralize many functions, allow local units to meet unique demand patterns.

- Consumers usually pay more for goods via automatic vending as compared with other retail forms.

- Direct selling is a relatively new retailing form in the U.S., dating back to the 1940s.

- Retailer cooperatives provide economies of scale in purchasing because of their volume buying.

5. One of the disadvantages of intensive distribution is that it:

- is difficult to maintain control over a large number of retailers.

- is relevant only for durable products.

- is relevant only in the case of high-priced, high-margin products.

- often runs into legal difficulties.

Reference no: EM132234127

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