Which of the following is nearest to his batting average

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Question 1: stablishing an ethical climate:

a)is not something on which managers can have much impact.

b)is done by just making it clear what the company considers ethical or unethical.

c)is done by enacting policies that discourage, monitor and correct unethical behavior.

d)does not discourage an individual from being unethical.

Question 2: Differences in the ethical codes of people arise from _______________________.

a)their legal systems

b)their age

c)the culture in which they were raised

d)the level of education

Question 3: The evaluation activity takes on a fuller, richer meaning if we think of this activity in terms of the evaluation and ______ of individual salespeople.





Question 4: A sales representative worked 25 days last month, made 150 calls, and wrote 60 orders for a total sales volume of $200,000. Which of the following is nearest to his batting average?





Question 5: Facilitation payments are:

a)small sums of money paid to low ranking officials to expedite normal services.

b)large sums of money paid to entice someone to commit to an illegal act.

c)illegal under U.S. law.

d)legal only in the U.S.

Question 6: A quantitative factor which is useful for measuring output (results) in a sales representative's performance is_________________.

a)direct selling expense

b)gross margin

c)days worked

d)advertising displays set up

Question 7: Input measures:

a)use primarily qualitative data.

b)cannot be used as part of a ratio measure.

c)are used to measure performance results.

d)are based on behaviors which are usually under the salesperson's control.

Question 8: Telemarketing may have many serious ethical problems because:

a)the buyer cannot easily say "No".

b)the face-to-face confrontation between buyer and seller breeds much mischief.

c)the sales representatives sell to customers that they never see or know.

d)buyers do not trust telemarketing sales representatives.

Question 9: In performance evaluation, Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) are used primarily as an aid when:

a)evaluating the reps on subjective, qualitative bases.

b)developing merit-rating forms.

c)preparing a job description for evaluation purposes.

d)conducting sales-volume and marketing cost analysis.

Question 10: Regarding a company's ethical reputation:

a)customers are often unaware of vendors' ethical reputation.

b)customers don't care as long as the unethical behavior doesn't involve their own company.

c)it has become a factor in a customer's choice of vendors.

d)a company does not have an ethical reputation.

Reference no: EM13738291

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