Which of porter''s five forces the industry is most concerned

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If it were totally up to you, what industry would you like to study for your group project? Why are you interested in that industry? Which of Porter's 5 forces do you think the industry is most concerned about? Why do you believe this?

Reference no: EM13742180

Some countries use similar restrictions as matter of law

Some providers and clinics limit access to ARTs based on marital status, sexual orientation, age, and other factors that are arguably wholly or partially social in nature. Som

Draw a network diagram for the project

he Rover 6 is a new custom-designed sports car. An analysis of the task of building the Rover 6 reveals the following list of relevant activities, their immediate predecesso

Initiate an order also holding costs are based on an annual

Quarter-inch stainless-steel bolts 1 ½ inches long are consumed in a factory at a fairly steady rate of 60 per week. Bolts cost plant 2 cents every. It cost plant $12 to ini

Compare the models and information found

Compare the models and information found with Nonaka's Theory of Knowledge Creation. Consider ways knowledge creation works in an organizations. Describe how to transition t

Sustainable competitive advantage as strategic goal making

ake a position for or against the following statement: “Sustainable competitive advantage as a strategic goal making tool is still viable for the business organization today.”

Expanded its waterproof product concept

As part of its rebranding from H20 to X-1, it expanded its “waterproof” product concept to its “waterproof, weatherproof, and sweatproof concept”. In doing so X-1 added sweatp

Calculate the two costs of two different strategies

For the scenario provided, calculate the two costs of two different strategies: a. level annual production with inventory and stock out b. matching or chasing demand. The Sher

Victim and suspect typologies scenario

Based on the first suspect’s interview regarding the battery incident and understanding the trends in crime from your lesson, determine how the suspect fits the trends that ha


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