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1. Which of the following techniques can help you proofread more effectively?

A. Try to find all errors in one pass.

B. Proofread the document as soon as you complete the draft.

C. To ensure consistency, proofread long documents from beginning to end without stopping.

D. Read each page backward, from the bottom to the top.

E. Always proofread using your monitor (rather than printing out a hard copy of the document).

2. Starting a sentence with "It is" or "There are" is

A. a way to impose parallelism.

B. a sign that you are using passive voice.

C. perfectly acceptable, and you need not try to rewrite the sentence.

D. usually a sign that the sentence could be shorter and more active.

E. a sign that you are using active voice.

3. Which market entry strategy provides the most amount of control, along with the most amount of cost?

Exporting a franchise

Exporting equipment

Opening a wholly-owned subsidiary

Entering into a licensing agreement

Reference no: EM132184574

Compiled a check sheet for responses that were either

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