Which magnetic reversal might impact human activity on earth

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• Read the article titled "Aging US Power Grid Blacks Out More Than Any Other Developed Nation" under the Smart Grid terms section of the Science Corner. Next, assess the efficiency of the current state of the national electric grid in the United States. Then, describe the key challenges in updating this grid to a so-called "smart grid".

• Read the article titled "Earth's Inconstant Magnetic Field" under the Earth's Magnetic Field terms section of the Science Corner. Next, summarize the main reasons why the researchers stated that "our planet's magnetic field is in a constant state of change". Then, discuss the overall manner in which a magnetic reversal might impact human activities on Earth. Include one example of such impact to support your response.

• Demonstrate an instance of static charge such as seen with examples #32 and 33 shown on page 209 of your textbook. Next, post a picture of your example then explain the method of charging you used as well as the charges displayed in each object.

Reference no: EM131478899

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