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The goal of case analysis is to allow you to consolidate what you have learned in the class and from the book chapters and to apply the knowledge in a written analysis of a real world case. This is an individual assessment. For this assessment you should focus on the core issues underlying the case and illustrate the analysis with appropriate and relevant arguments, logic and theoretical frameworks to demonstrate your mastery and knowledge of the case subject matter and alignment with the chapter topics. Background research, analysing the case based on unit relevant topics, models and frameworks as well as strong arguments backed up by credible and relevant data and facts will be crucial in achieving a good mark. In constructing the case analysis, a report format is preferably advised over an essay format.

Case: Health Care Tourism

Review the case and based on your chapter learning and topics covered in weeks 1, 2 and 3, answer the following questions.

Q1. Which kind of hotel manager do you agree with-the ones that do not wish to limit themselves given their business is good for all three segments of travelers, or the London firm and its approach? Why? (approximately 500 words).

Q2. If you wish to follow the first strategy (all customers could benefit), what would your marketing communications be to the end-user patient-customer? If you followed the second strategy, what would your marketing communications look like? (approximately 500 words).

Generic Guidelines for Case Analysis

  • A case is a scenario that gives you the opportunity to identify problems and recommend a course of action in a business situation. The case may be real or fictional, but will usually represent a complex situation with no ready solutions. Case analysis enables you to improve your critical thinking and analytical abilities, evaluate sources of information and enhance your written communication skills. Written analysis of cases is widely used in major business schools around the world. In constructing this case analysis, a report format is preferably advised over an essay format.
  • The case analysis has a relatively short word limit which will be strictly enforced. Going over the word limit will have a negative impact on marking. The intention is to focus your write-up on strategic analysis and analytical recommendations. The one thing to avoid is simple restatement of case data and facts. What we are looking for is strategic insight supported by logical analysis based on your learning from the lectures and tutorials. Your analysis should be compact, specific, context specific, relevant and directly pertinent to key case questions.
  • The details of the case are more than sufficient for you to respond to the given questions and you can do your further background research if you require. The case analysis can include references from peer reviewed academic journals, textbooks, business magazines, industry whitepapers, newspapers, credible and reliable websites and marketing textbooks to confirm the strength and quality of your work and analysis. It is expected that students will utilize at-least 3 references for their analysis.

While analysing any business case one should consider the following

- Identify the problem(s) in the situation presented in the scenario

- Analyse the key issues within the context of the theory and concepts presented in your chapters

- Evaluate similar examples and strategy used by various company's/organizations

- Develop and compare alternative solutions to the problems

- Consider the advantages and disadvantages of various possible solutions or outcomes

- Select the best solution, justify your reasons and make recommendations for action

- Conduct background research in finding out updates in the strategy and outcomes that have happened since the period of the case for the selected company/organisation

- Appropriate analysis, evaluation, synthesis of key facts and contexts

- Proper grammar, professional writing, format and style

Reference no: EM132015280

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