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Mosby's Comprehensive Review for Dental hygiene

Question 1: A 35-year-old client with early chronic periodontitis who smokes and has challenges with self-care is new to your health care facility. All of the following initial or nonsurgical periodontal therapies are appropriate to recommend for this client EXCEPT one. Which one is the EXCEPTION?
a Topical antimicrobial mouthrinse
b Gingival curettage
c Scaling and periodontal débridement
d Selective stain removal
e Periodontal maintenance and supportive periodontal therapy

Question 2: Which one of the following differentiates subgingival plaque biofilm from supragingival plaque?
a Chromogenic bacteria influence the color
b Gram-negative anaerobes predominate
c Aerobic bacteria predominate in the slime layer
d The biofilm becomes calcified over time

Question 3: Tooth mobility and fremitus are hallmarks of occlusal trauma because trauma is the primary cause of clinical attachment loss when occlusal trauma is present.
aBoth the statement and the reason are correct and related
b Both the statement and the reason are correct but NOT related
c The statement is correct, but the reason is NOT correct
d The statement is NOT correct, but the reason is correct
e NEITHER the statement NOR the reason is correct

Question 4: After bacterial virulence is established, and the periodontal lesion is initiated, which is the first inflammatory cell to respond?
a B lymphocytes
b Plasma cells
c Neutrophils
d T lymphocytes
e Macrophages

Question 5: What change in alveolar bone on a dental radiograph indicates early loss of bone?
a Fuzziness in the crest of the bone
b Faint cup-shaped areas interproximally
c Vertical or angular defects
d Furcation involvement

Reference no: EM132608418

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