Which is normally a soluble resident of the er lumen

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If you were to remove the ER retrieval signal (KDEL) from protein disulfide isomerase (PDI), which is normally a soluble resident of the ER lumen, where would you expect the modified PDI to be located? Why?

Reference no: EM13153358

What would expect to happen to the discharge pressure

We are operating a centrifugal compressor. The gas composition does not change during this excursion. While holding suction pressure and flowrate constant, the inlet temper

What is the frequency of the trait in females

If an X-linked recessive trait is present in 4% of the males in a mammal population with random mating, what is the frequency of the trait in females? What is the frequency

Determine the gene order

A cross is made between 2 E. coli strains: Hfr arg+ bio+ leu+ (x) F- arg- bio- leu-. Interuppted mating studies show that arg+ enteres the recipient last, so arg+ recombinants

What is the effect of this variable on the population size

What is the effect of this variable on the population size estimate? On the number of misses? Are there any other interesting patterns?What can you do to minimize this bias in

Artificial selection and genetic engineering of organisms

Discuss similarities and differences of artificial selection and genetic engineering of organisms. In your answer also include one advantage and one disadvantage for each tech

Example of epistasis in coat color of laborador retrievers

Consider the example of epistasis in the coat color of Laborador Retrievers. Recall that the double recessive homozygote animals are yellow with liver noses and eyes, instea

What is a gene

The term "gene" was coined over a 100 years ago by Johansson and our understanding of what a gene is has obviously changed over the years with the advent of molecular biolog

Ultimate causes of the behavior

We all see animals in our day to day lives. Choose a behavior you saw exhibited by an animal. Explain your thoughts on the potential proximate and ultimate causes of the beh


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