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1. __________ has been summarized as (a) science, not rules of thumb; (b) harmony, not discord; (c) cooperation, not individualism; and (d) maximum output, not restricted output.

a. Industrial psychology
b. Human resource management
c. Scientific management
d. The Industrial Revolution

2. Nearly all new trends in telecommuting, outsourcing of HRM practices, family medical leave, child care, and relocation assistance can be traced to the emergence of new lifestyles and:

a. an aging population.
b. an influx of immigrants.
c. rising wages.
d. a decrease in available workers.

3. In a survey, executives who were asked about globalization indicated that __________ was the factor most critical to success.

a. acquiring a competent workforce
b. having sufficient operating capital
c. having the support of local government
d. lack of competition

4. A critical part of any successful succession plan is a comprehensive __________ plan.

a. compensation
b. recovery
c. retention
d. All of the above

5. Which of the following is an indirect cost of a selection process?

a. Interviewer's salary
b. Changes in the organization's public image
c. Drug testing
d. Equipment used in a work sample test

6. __________means that the criterion being used reflects the difference between high and low performers.

a. Relevance
b. Sensitivity
c. Practicality
d. Reliability

7. Most elderly Americans believe that security in their later years rests on a three-legged stool consisting of all of the following EXCEPT:

a. Social Security.
b. part-time employment.
c. personal savings.
d. private pensions.

8. E. A. Locke proposed that an individual's __________ goals and intentions are the primary determinants of behavior.

a. subconscious
b. mandated
c. conscious
d. reinforced

9. Which of the following is not one of the four steps in the job instruction training (JIT) method?

a. Preparation
b. Presentation
c. Praise
d. Performance tryout

10. The primary job of any manager who knows that an employee has HIV-AIDS is to preserve the individual's:

a. dignity.
b. job security.
c. privacy.
d. career path.

Reference no: EM131151288

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