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Question 1. 1. Something that can generate ethnocentric responses or defensive reactions, such as voice, appearance, attitude, or behavior, is called _____.

ethnic identity
racial identity
a trigger

Question 2. This trigger includes physical characteristics (such as race or gender), clothing style or fashion, distinctive adornments, hair styles, cosmetic use (or absence), or physiological alterations (for example, tattoos, piercings, cosmetic surgery, and so on):


Question 3. The relative ranking of one's position in society and its honor and respect refers to _____.

socioeconomic status

Question 4. An example of attitude as a "trigger" would be:

implicit design.
explicit design.
biological maturation.
spatial proximity.
orbital decay

Question 5. An example of an "appearance trigger" would be:

body stance.
body odors.

Question 6. Which of the following is an example of an ascribed status?

College student
President of the United States

Question 7. Which of the following is an example of an achieved status?


1. Identify and contrast the three distinct subcultures based on age among mature Americans.

Reference no: EM131061901

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