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A Geneticist discovers a flower that has two color variations, red and blue. It is known that this is a dominant/recessive trait involving two alleles. When two blue flowers are crossed they produce red flowers and sometimes blue flowers. Counting the flowers reveals that 510 flowers are red and 490 are blue.

a. Which flower color is dominant?

b. Which porportion expressed as a decimal of flowers are blue?

c. What is the frequency of the gene for blue flowers in this population?

d. What is the frequency of the gene for red flowers?

e. What is the percentage of homozygous dominant individuals in this population?

f. . What is the percentage of heterozygous individuals in this population?

g. What is the percentage of homozygous recessive individuals in this population?

Explain the meaning of each of the following equations that make up the Hardy-Weinberg principle. Be sure to explain what the letters used stand for and why each equation is true.

A. P+q = 1

B. P2+2pq+q2=1

Reference no: EM132279792

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