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Philip Carey Co. owned a tract of land in Plymouth Township, Pennsylvania, on which it deposited a large pile of manufacturing waste containing asbestos. Carey sold the land to Celotex, and Celotex sold the land to Smith Land & Improvement Corp. The EPA notified Smith that unless it took steps to eliminate the asbestos hazard, the EPA would do the work and pursue reimbursement. Smith cleaned up the land to EPA’s satisfaction at a cost of $218,945.44. Smith asked Celotex and Carey for reimbursement. Which firms have liability for the cleanup costs? [Smith Land & Improvement Corp v Celotex, 851 F.2d 86 (3d Cir.)]

Reference no: EM131181311

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analyze how General Mills represents and advances the goals of its stakeholder. Since its inception, General Mills has always strive to take care of its consumers nutritional

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Read the article "The Strategic Functions of Quality in the management of innovation". Submit an essay as an attached WORD document summarizing the concepts in the article,

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Unquestionably, THE BIRTH OF A NATION is a treasured artifact of film-making and a vital historical example of the first major film of the Silent Era. However, THE BIRTH OF A

Is it unethical to participate in such ribbing

While e-mail may be a very useful—even indispensable—form of communication in organizations, it certainly has its limits and dangers. Indeed, e-mail can get you into trouble w

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What is the underlying premise of the resource-based view? Select one: a. Firms generally have very similar capabilities stemming from almost identical resources b. Firms diff

What do you need to do to handle the crisis

Suppose you are the CEO of a major corporation and one of your company’s oil tanks has ruptured, spilling thousands of gallons of oil into a river that emptiesinto the ocean.


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