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This Assignment asks you to analyze professional organizations to find the best fit for you as an IT leader. During this Assignment, you might find professional organizations that you would like to join. Now is an excellent time to join because most professional organizations offer a lower-cost student membership and have a large number of resources that you might find useful throughout your DIT program. (Note: You are not required to join an organization for this Assignment.)

Write and submit a 3- to 5-page paper in which you address the following:

Describe any professional organizations to which you currently belong or with which you are associated.

If you do not belong to any organizations, select two that are appropriate for your current role. Explain how these organizations can benefit you.

Explain elements or attributes of these organizations that appeal to you most and you find the most useful.

For one of your chosen organizations, explain which elements or attributes are geared toward IT leaders.

Identify other professional organizations that are geared toward IT leaders that you should begin considering now to help you reach the next level in your career.

Be sure to also post the link to your favorite professional organization's website in the Webliography for your colleagues to consider. This part of the Assignment is not assessed, but will assist your colleagues in expanding their professional networks. You may find additional links for your own purposes there as well. APA format with references.

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Being an IT leader we need to be a part of a Organisation . In order to join such an organization, one must put a few things under consideration. Recognizing one to join is genuinely simple. Practically every calling has one; all it takes is an Internet program to begin my exploration. Also being part of such organisation helps in building up a resume. And also helps in creating a professional development in me.

Reference no: EM131500593

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