Which effect could not occur for participating countries

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Assume that the formation of a customs union turns out to include the lowest-cost world producer of the product in question. Which effect could not occur for the participating countries?

Trade creation-production effect

Scale economies and competition

Trade diversion

Trade creation-consumption effect


Reference no: EM13158859

We had three phased increase in minimum wage

After years of no change, a few years ago, we had a three phased increase in minimum wage. Now we are discussing raising it further, to $10.10 an hour Are people that work for

Differentiate between public-private and not-for-profit

Differentiate between public, private, not-for-profit, and for-profit hospitals. What factors do patients consider when selecting a hospital? Does the type of hospital matter

Find the competitive equilibrium

Bob's utility function is UB = (hB - 1)2sB where hB and sB are his consumption of hamburgers and salads respectively. Let p be the price of hamburgers measured in salads. Alic

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The profits of the four major networks (CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox) depend significantly on the ratings of its prime time shows. The higher the ratings, the higher the price the ne

Drug patent gives pharmaceutical firm monopoly

A drug patent gives a pharmaceutical firm a monopoly. Draw and label the supply and demand curves for a drug. Then demonstrate how having a monopoly changes that equilibrium.

Reason through effect of this company entering its market

Rasna Ltd., a company that is a leader in the Asian Indian concentrated soft drink market, recently announced plans to boost its exports by 30 percent and plans to enter the U

Change the user cost of capital arbitrage equation

Suppose that Canada wants to subsidize production from capital. Production is given by Y = A * K^α * L^1−α. The market for labor and capital is competitive, and producers do n

What is the competitive equilibrium level of industry output

Consider an industry with 2 firms, each having marginal cost equal to zero. The inverse demand function facing this industry is P(Y) = 100 – Y where Y = y1 + y2. What is the c


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