Which domain includes microscopic organisms

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Which Domain includes microscopic organisms that can survive in extreme environments such as high temperature or acidic environments? Plantae Eurkaryotes Fungi Prokaryotes Animalia.

Reference no: EM13141034

What is the most probable cause in this patients case

What veins are most likely involved? What pathologic changes have happened in these veins, and what is the most probable cause in this patient's case.

Lab effect of pollution on the survival of brine shrimp

(Application) How might the information gained from this lab Effect of Pollution on the Survival of Brine Shrimp pertaining be useful, or how can this knowledge be applied to

Advances in health informatics and telemedicine

Advances in Health informatics and telemedicine are providing greater access to healthcare resources. Discuss the role of the Registered Nurse in improving access to healthc

Which cell type is likely to have more extensive energy

Observation of two different cell types indicate a couple of difference in their mitochondria . Cell type 1 has 2-3 times the mitochondria of cell type 2. The mitochondria i

Highly concentrated solution of salt water is known as sole

1. A highly concentrated solution of salt water is known as sole (pronounced, soh-lay). It is prepared by dissolving large amounts of salt in water until the water is saturate

Nerve impulse stimulate generation of force

How does a nerve impulse stimulate generation of force/tension in skeletal muscle? (Include in your answer what chemical helps transfer the signal from nerve to muscle,what

Mcdonalds granted to copeland the franchise in omaha

Schupack attempted to exercise right in first refusal McDonalds would not recognize the right in Schupack, claiming that it was personal to Copeland and so non-assignable with

What are the implications

What are the implications? Incorporate the elements that you believe should be reflected in the guidelines and the implications of governments and sports corporations which


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