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Selecting a research method can make or break a research project, so it is important to implement the method most appropriately suited for a given research problem.

For this assignment, select the most appropriate research method to test the research problem in your research report. Begin by identifying if the research problem is asking for quantitative or qualitative data. Then, consider which type of research design you would select, if you were actually going to conduct the study. Which design is most appropriate? Which design will provide you with results to directly address your research problem?

Include at least the following for this assignment:

1. List your research problem at the top of the page (the most current version)

2. List the purpose of your research report next (the most current version)

3. List a research method (quantitative or qualitative)

Use the following items to clearly describe your research design:

Instruments (if any)

In a 150-word response, briefly explain why this research method is the best fit for your study (include a specific design in your response)

Remember, this assignment is designed to help you work toward your research report.

At this point, you do not have to commit to the research design you include within this assignment. If you discover a more appropriate research design for your research report, you can include it before submitting the final report. If you have trouble selecting a research design and a research method, try selecting one of the designs randomly and begin working out the details. This assignment provides you with an opportunity to begin thinking about research designs and how they relate to your research project.

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