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Prior to beginning any assignment, review the relevant Syllabus section, study carefully the assignment's instructions, and check course email and Announcements for further information and, feedback.
After reading Chapters 10, 11, and 12 of the textbook, Philosophy: the Power of Ideas, answer the following questions. Each answer should be at a minimum one (1) paragraph (of at least three sentences), while others may be several paragraphs in length. The grade of A (180 or higher out of 200 points) will only be assigned to exemplary submissions which demonstrate extensive thought and effort in completion of the assignment.
Please note: there are only two sources for you answers: the textbook and your mind! Any information taken from other sources is unacceptable. Plagiarism of the thoughts or ideas of others be it from books or the internet will result in a zero on the assignment and your final course grade being dropped by a full letter grade.
1. Compare and evaluate Peter Abelard notion of moral intent with that of Heloise.
2. Explain and evaluate the view of Aristotle's Virtue ethics.
3. Explain and evaluate St. Augistine's notion of evil.
4. Explain and evaluate Plato's view on ethics, specifically the structure of the soul and of the state.
5. Explain and evaluate Jeremy Betham's utilitarianism.
6. Explain and evaluate John Stuart Mill's utilitarianism.
7. Explain and evaluate David Hume's ethical view known as sentimentalism.
8. Explain and evaluate Kant's ethical theory, including the notion of the categorical imperative.
9. Explain and evaluate Nietzsche's master and slave moralities. 10. Compare, explain and evaluate the view of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke regarding the state of nature and natural rights.
10. Explain and evaluate Jean-Jacques Rousseau's notion of natural man and civil man.
11. Compare and contrast the Locke's labor theory of property with the Marx's labor theory of value.
12. Explain and evaluate Plato's notion of the philosopher king.
13. Explain and evaluate John Rawls' notion of the veil of ignorance and the original position.
14. Explain and evaluate Robert Nozick's notion of the night-watchman state within the context of his entitlement concept of social justice.
15. Explain and evaluate Martha Nussbaun's capabilities approach to social justice.

Reference no: EM13697663

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