Which crew size had the lowest productivity per worker

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1. Explain how any organization of your choice has NOT maintained continuity of their vision or mission. Which stakeholder group was not considered?

2. Which crew size had the highest productivity per worker? Which crew size had the lowest productivity per worker? What are some possible explanations for these results

3. Nancy's Novelty Notebooks has forecast next year's demand to be 49,000. The notebooks are considered to incur annual fixed costs of  $27,000 and per-unit variable costs of 28 cents.

a. If notebooks can be sold for  $1 each, what is the break-even quantity?. (Round your answer to the next whole number.)

Reference no: EM132280070

Scale down their alliance and network activities

Some argue that at a 30%–70% failure rate (depending on different studies), strategic alliances and networks have a strikingly high failure rate and that firms need to scale d

Implications for its business elsewhere around the globe

Should Microsoft follow Google in the latter’s challenge to Internet censorship in China? What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? If it should, then what are the

Companys key resources and competitive capabilities

What are the company’s key resources and competitive capabilities? What competitive liabilities and resource weaknesses does it have? What opportunities exist? What threats to

Give the answer of muliple choice question

In order to be effective, solid waste engineers must be competent in all of the following areas EXCEPT, All of the following should be included in a request for a proposa

Profitability index and cash flow

Year Cash Flow 0 –$ 17,900 1 10,200 2 9,100 3 5,600 What is the profitability index for the set of cash flows if the relevant discount rate is 9 percent?  Profitability index

Channel of distribution to reach consumers

Many producers use more than one channel of distribution to reach consumers. This may be because they seek to reach different consumers (who shop in different ways or at diffe

Topic of general diversity relates to gender-race-ethnicity

Discuss and analyze the topic of general diversity as it relates to gender, or race, ethnicity. The analysis should include the impact on both organizations and employees, and

Four areas of the johari window model

Question 1: "Identify and explain the four areas of the Johari Window Model." Question 2: How can you use the Johari Window Model, as a tool to understand interpersonal commu


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