Which crew size had the lowest productivity per worker

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1. Explain how any organization of your choice has NOT maintained continuity of their vision or mission. Which stakeholder group was not considered?

2. Which crew size had the highest productivity per worker? Which crew size had the lowest productivity per worker? What are some possible explanations for these results

3. Nancy's Novelty Notebooks has forecast next year's demand to be 49,000. The notebooks are considered to incur annual fixed costs of  $27,000 and per-unit variable costs of 28 cents.

a. If notebooks can be sold for  $1 each, what is the break-even quantity?. (Round your answer to the next whole number.)

Reference no: EM132280070

How does this differ from the social construction approach

There are number of benefits to approaching OD with a “systems approach.” What are those benefits? How does this differ from the “Social Construction” approach?

Motivate companies to evaluate training programs

How might course design differ for baby boomers compared to GenXers? Which design would you prefer and why? What can be done to motivate companies to evaluate training program

Build a new warehouse

Wagner Bros plans to build a new warehouse near Sidney, Australia, in order to supply its sales points in New South Wales. On the basis of a preliminary analysis of the proble

Planning and staffing

How are staffing activities influenced by training or compensation activities? Why is it important for the organization to view all components of staffing (recruitment, select

Linear programming problem-has an infeasible region

Consider the following linear programming problem: Min: 6X1 + 3X2 Subject to: 2X1 + 4X2 >=400 4X1 + 3X2 >=400 X1, X2 >=0 This problem : Select one: a. Has a unique optimal sol

Catalog sales department in which clerk takes orders

?Janson's Department Store in? Stark, Ohio, maintains a successful catalog sales department in which a clerk takes orders by telephone. If the clerk is occupied on one? line,

Any liability to connor in this circumstance

Connor and his wife are guests at the hotel, having reserved a room for three days. on the second day and while connor was supposed to be attending a business meeting, he was

Elucidate what is the optimal solution

Elucidate what is the optimal solution. describe how many workers should be assigned to every type of machine. Every product needs the subsequent processing times (in hours) o


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