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Q. Archer Contracting repaved 35 miles of four-lane interstate roadway working 10 days with a crew of five employees using $9000 of paving material. Nearby, Bronson Contracting repaved 50 miles of 2-lane county roadway with a crew of six employees. Bronson's crew worked 8 days also used $7000 worth of paving material. Both Archer Contracting also Bronson Contracting rented the same paving equipment to complete their respective assignments, costing every $1500 a day also labour cost per employee is $160 a day for both companies. Which Corporation is more productive also by describe how much



Reference no: EM1373438

Example of leadership through acts of service

Watch the video "Servant Leadership - Joe Schmitt." Discuss why this is a good example of leadership through acts of service in terms of the way the actions of the leader de

Obligations beyond what the law requires

Fieser argues that businesses do not and should not be held to have obligations beyond what the law requires. He argues that the moral framework of businesses is and ought to

Two speakers are separated by a distance of 3 m

Two speakers are separated by a distance of 3 m. A point P that is in front of the speakers whose perpendicular distance from the line joining the speakers is 2.2 m.Point P is

Discussion on delphi technique method

In the Delphi technique method a panel of individuals internal and external provide feedback, the individuals may not know who is on the panel with them as they never meet in

Talented technician to let employees do their jobs

Wanda Brown had worked hard to achieve her rapid advancement from shipping/receiving clerk to shipping/receiving manager. Why might it be difficult for a manager who used to b

What are the four contract pricing structures available

What are the four contract pricing structures available? part 2 describe the appropriate utilization of each and the impact of the risk to the buyer and seller. What contract

Process presently produce annually

A certain company produces 17,500 tables per year in a three-step process. The three steps in the process employ machines with the reliabilities listed here: How many defects

Extreme programming at sabre extreme programming

Extreme Programming at Sabre eXtreme programming (XP) was first introduced by Kent Beck when he was the project leader on a large, long-term project to rewrite Chrysler Corpor


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