Which core ethical value are you violating

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Which core ethical value are you violating if, during a contract dispute, you select a mediator you know will favor your organization?

Reference no: EM132280704

Philadelphia-based real estate company

You are an agent with Number One Realty Corp., a Philadelphia-based real estate company. First-time homebuyers, Mr. and Mrs. Naivete, respond to a listing they came across i

Examples of projects that have gone off course

There are many examples of projects that have gone off course. Often times, a new project manager is brought in if the situation is dire. For this assignment, find a project

Explain current management studies

You are obligatory to write a 5-7 page paper on a subject present in current management studies, e.g. all about ethical subjects in the work place or in any business entitie

Securities fraud and insider trading

Imagine you are the Director of Finance for a large publicly traded company. analyze the single most important element that a Director of Finance must practice diligently.

Market preparation for retail buyers

Identify a buyer's activities during a market trip (What do they do, How do they interface with cross-functional partners like the vendors, advertising team, marketing..etc)

Find an actual business in that country

Turn in the letter, and then write a one-paragraph (300+ words) explanation of how you met the needs of the diverse cultural audience in terms of style, tone, level of conte

Identify a specific cultural conflict

Identify a specific cultural conflict that you have experienced or observed in a workplace or social setting. This can be an explicit conflict or a more implicit one that is

Disadvantages and challenges of global expansion

Write a short paper on the advantages, disadvantages and challenges of global expansion; Develop a suggested strategy for global expansion for your organization, another exi


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