Which comes closest to the amount of money that needs

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The parents of a newborn baby would like to put money away today to cover all of the child's expected total 4-years of college tuition. The first tuition payment is due exactly 18 years from today, and the next three payments are due at the end of years 19, 20 and 21. Suppose that the parents estimate that the cost of tuition will be $86,000 per year for the first three years, but that the fourth year's tuition will be $96,000. Which comes closest to the amount of money that needs to be set aside today if the interest rate is 5%?

Reference no: EM13272534

What is the required rate of return on krogh stock

The real risk-free rate is 2.50%, investors expect a 3.50% future inflation rate, the market risk premium is 5.50%, and Krogh Enterprises has a beta of 1.40. What is the req

Governing authority for regulating the financial reporting

In preparation for preparing the financial statements for Boonville Public Health Center, you need to review the financial reporting requirements for governmental and nonprofi

Assessment of declining dollar on us based company

Assess the likely consequences of a declining dollar on Fluor Corporation, the international construction-engineering contractor based in Irvine, California. Most of Fluor's

Investment advisor misleads clients

This question is from Finance and it explains a scenario where an investment advisor misleads his clients in investing in a company's shares whose prices have been falling.

Problem regarding the portion of the cost of the loan

What is the all-in-cost (i.e., the internal rate of return) of the York loan including the LIBOR rate, fixed spread and upfront fee? What portion of the cost of the loan is

How much cash would be freed-up

Its cost of goods sold is 75% of sales, and it finances working capital with bank loans at an 8% rate. Assume 365 days in year for your calculations. Do not round intermedia

Difference between deflation and disinflation

1. Why is a high rate of inflation bad for the economy? 2. Right now, our economy is going through what phase of the business cycle? How do you know this

Calculate the average rate of return

Suppose that someone held a portfolio consisting of 50% of Stock A and 50% of Stock B. Determine the realized rate of return on the portfolio have been in each year?


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