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You are camp director of a youth basketball camp hosted on campus. You allow one of the camp attendees in the 10-year-old age division to pump air into the basketballs after he explains that it is flat. The player pumps the basketball up with more air than the manufacturer recommends. The ball explodes and he is injured. The child’s parents sue the manufacturer, yourself and the university. Discuss the case against the manufacturer in detail with regard to the three (3) causes of action in products liability cases. Which argument is the strongest for the plaintiff? Which one is the weakest? Is there any potential liability on your part? The university? Answer completely.

Reference no: EM131228831

Effort to decentralize its operations with many activities

Several years ago, FAO embarked on an effort to decentralize its operations with many activities moving from its Headquarters in Rome to the Organization’s more than 100 Decen

Literature source used to respond to the assignment

Search the topic assigned and/or related key words.  Seek scholarly sources in journals, avoiding biased statements from individuals or organizations. 2.  Provide a full citat

Risk being financially liable for uncovered medical expenses

What arguments can you provide that access should be available at no cost for all under a certain income level but that those of higher income must pay an actuarially determin

Aircraft certification requirements between the faa and easa

Are there any difference in aircraft certification requirements between the FAA and the EASA? How are aviation maintenance managersaffected by regulations that are used outsid

Describe a performance issue

Describe a performance issue which resulted from a motivational problem (what, why, who). Use a content theory of motivation (e.g., Maslow, Alderfer, Herzberg, or McClelland

Important for managers to learn-model high ethical standards

Why is it important for managers to learn and model high ethical standards? List different ways managers can communicate ethical standards to employees. Provide an evaluation

What extent did its success in leveraging relationships

In the beginning, fitness quest had alliances with trainers and its main competitors have alliances with major retailers. Thus, both companies on the basis of their alliances.

Relationship in corporate governance-social responsibility

What recommendations would you make to improve the effectiveness of today's boards of directors? What is the relationship between corporate governance and social responsibilit


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