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An investor has $60,000 to invest in a $280,000 property. He can obtain either a $220,000 loan at 9.5 percent for 20 years or a $180,000 loan at 9 percent for 20 years and a second mortgage for $40,000 at 13 percent for 20 years. All loans require monthly payments and are fully amortizing.

a. Which alternative should the borrower choose, assuming he will own the property for the full loan term?

b. Would your answer change if the borrower plans to own the property only five years?

c. Would your answers to (a) and (b) change if the second mortgage had a 10-year term?

Reference no: EM131327229

Time value of money-future and present value

Clearly and concisely describe what is meant by the time value of money and what the terms future value and present value represent. Explain.

Alternatives would you be least likely to select

if you were a treasurer for a fortune 1000 corporation who has responsibility for investing excess cash balances, which of the following alternatives would you be least l

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Computation of the Preference dividend before declaring the common dividend and What is the minimum amount the firm must pay per share to its preferred stockholders

Draw a timeline

After that, the payments decrease by $10 every month until payments reach $0. If the nominal annuity rate of interest is 12% compounded monthly, what is the present value of

What is garman-kolhagen model of foreign currency option

What is the Garman-Kolhagen model of foreign currency option pricing? What is the delta of an option? Why is it useful? What does it mean for a portfolio of options to b

Why would a firm ever forgo a positive npv project

Why is internally generated cash flow of such importance to Merck? Can't Merck use the financial markets as a source of funds? Why would a firm ever forgo a positive NPV proje

Determine the additional funds needed

Determine the additional funds needed. Assume that the company was operating at full capacity in 2004, that it cannot sell off any of its fixed assets, and that any required f

Dupont framework

Assume the following: Sales = $400M; Net Income = $60M; TA = $350M; and there is $0.50 in total debt per dollar of total equity. According to the DuPont framework, ROE would


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