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Assignment 4: Intellectual Property Treasure Hunt

1. A derivative work is "a work based on or derived from one or more already existing works." When a work is copyrighted (and within the copyright term), only the copyright holder can create derivative works. Once a copyright expires, however, other people can legally create derivative works from the original. Locate an example of a derivative work (such as a book or a work of art) created from an out of copyright work by an author/creator other than the original artist. You can attach a copy of the derivative work.

a) Give the title of the derivative work.

b) When was the original written/produced?

c) When was the derivative work written/produced?

2. Fair use is a limitation placed on the exclusive right of copyright holders to reproduce works or authorize reproduction of their works. Fair use allows unauthorized reproduction for some purposes including educational uses and social criticism. Locate a court case about the fair use of copyrighted materials. Provide the name of the court case:

3. Creative Commons licenses offer a more flexible alternative to traditional copyright‘s "all rights reserved." Creative Commons offers six licenses that allow for remixing/sharing with attribution, sharing the original with attribution, along with other choices. Find a website/image/something else with a creative copyright license. Attach a copy of the site/image that includes the Creative Commons icon.

4. Parody is one type of fair use where an artist/commentator uses parts of an original work to create an imitative work (an imitation) for the purposes of mocking the original, social comment, or other similar uses. The courts have found parody to be fair use of copyrighted material. Locate a parody.

a. Provide the name of the original artist and the original work:

b. Provide the name of the parody and the parody artist:

5. Copyright infringement is when someone other than the copyright holder reproduces all or a portion of a copyrighted work without the authorization of the copyright holder. Find something online that appears to infringe upon a copyright holder's rights.

a. What was it?

b. Who was using the copyrighted material?

c. Provide the URL for the apparent infringement:

6. Fan fiction is a copyright infringement that copyright holders often tolerate because it drums up interest in, and sales for, the copyright holder's work. Locate a fan fiction story.

a. Provide the title of the fan fiction:

b. Provide a URL for the fan fiction:

c. What work is the fan fiction derived from?

Reference no: EM132183867

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