When the pump operates the measured power draw is equivalent

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A pump for a wastewater treatment plant has a motor with a nameplate rating of 20 HP. When the pump operates the measured power draw is equivalent to 15 HP. The pump operates 80% of the time. The energy company bills the plant at a rate of $0.15 per kilowatt-hour of energy used. Describe how to calculate the yearly energy cost for the motor. Assume the motor is 100% efficient. (Note also that 1 kilowatt-hour = 3,600 kJ although you don't necessarily need this conversion.)

Reference no: EM13545645

Find the final mass and temperature in the container

R-134a is flowed into an insulated 0.2-m3 initially empty container from a line at 500 kPa, saturated vapor until the flow stops by itself. Find the final mass and temperatu

Identify each corner by a suitable description on the sketch

Make a sketch indicating the incorrect and correct positions of such an original section corner and also the positions of the adjacent corners used in relocating that corner

Determine what is kinetic energy of the object at the time

A 6.22-kg object passes through the origin at time t = 0 such that its x component of velocity is 5.45 m/s and its y component of velocity is -2.88 m/s. (a) What is the kine

Determine the time t required to bring the payload

determine the time t required to bring the payload from its stowed position at θ = 0 to its deployed position at θ = 90° if the torque is applied for the first 45° of travel

With what velocity will air enter room under laboratory door

Laboratories containing dangerous materials are often kept at a pressure slightly less than ambient pressure so that contaminants can be discharged through an exhaust system

What do will result if the concentration of the waste

The discharge from the Renenutet sugar beet plant causes the DO at the critical point to fall to 4.0 mg/L. The Meskhenet Stream has a negligible BOD and the initial deficit af

Determine the elevation and stationing of the high point

a 520 ft long equal tangent crest vertical curve connects tangents that intersect at station 340 00 and elevation 1325 ft the initial grade is if 4 and the final grade is 2.

Determine the values of speed and oncentration at capacity

A study of the traffic using a tunnel showed that the following speed-concentration relationship applies. Find the capacity of the tunnel, the values of speed and oncentration


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