When the external capital market is very relaxed

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When the external capital market is very relaxed (e.g., optimistic investors, low interest rate, and many potential investors), would you recommend a start-up firm to use a lot of short-term debt instead of long-term debt? Why or why not? And would your advice change if the firm is a large-cap and matured company instead of a start-up?

Reference no: EM13873539

Accounts have the same quoted annual rate of interest

You are planning to deposit $1,000 in a savings account. Account A compounds semi annually while account B compounds monthly. If both accounts have the same quoted annual rate

What is the optimal payout ratio

Suppose a company has next year earnings of 100k, ROE 10%, and discount rate of 20%. What is the optimal payout ratio? What is the value destruction if the managers payout 50%

Investment banking firm-two different salary arrangements

You’ve just joined the investment banking firm of Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe. They’ve offered you two different salary arrangements. You can have $85,000 per year for the next t

Projects growth rate in earnings

LOL Inc. expects to earn 627,000 this year and projects a growth rate in earnings of 4.5%/year thereafter (k=3.5%)/ what is the PV of the earnings if it expects to grow for an

Cash and marketable securities

From the balance sheet you find the following balances: cash and marketable securities = $200,000, accounts receivable = $1,100,000, inventory = $2,000,000, accrued wages and

Calculated his return on investment

George bought an investment one year ago and just calculated his return on investment. He found that his purchasing power has increased by 15% as a result of his investment. I

Equity multiplier-What was the firms ROE

Company abc had a profit margin of 6.25% , total asset turnover of 1.5 and an equity multiplier of 1.8. What was the firms ROE? What would happen if the equity multiplier went

Calculate the annual cash flows from fixed-payment annuity

Calculate the annual cash flows (annuity payments) from a fixed-payment annuity if the present value of the 20-year annuity is $1.8 million and the annuity earns a guaranteed


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