When the anti-drunk driving movement pressured state

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When the anti-drunk driving movement pressured state legislatures to raise the drinking age to 21, many legislators feared a backlash from alcohol producers, distributors, and retailers. But the federal government enacted legislation that made the 21-year drinking age a condition of federal highway funds. Which concept best explains the situation of the anti-drunk driving movement in this example?

Reference no: EM13546833

Where do scientists believe these gases came from

Imagine that the temperature of the sun were to change. Describe or discuss some of the effects that this might have on the earth's energy budget and the earth's climate.

How do you feel about setting limits

You are the assigned investigator in the abduction of a five year old girl. Based off of your interrogation of the suspect, you believe that he is aware of the girl's wherea

Does hume deny the existence mental substance

Does Hume deny the existence mental substance? Of material substance? Why or why not? and State Hume’s purported refutation of the Ontological Argument.

A woman is selected by a marketing company

A woman is selected by a marketing company to participate in a paid focus group. The company says that the woman was selected because she was randomly chosen from all adults.

Seven recycling codes of plastics

From the information discussed in class on plastics, select one type of plastic from the seven recycling codes. Do some research and find the process steps that this particu

What might an anthropologist learn about the use of space

What might an anthropologist learn about the use of space from watching and observing what people do as opposed to interviewing them? How can an anthropologist check the infe

Summarize your interactions throughout the day

Humans interact with various species every day without actually realizing it. In the field of ecology, these interactions can either be interspecific (between species) or in

Identify through searching the nursing research database

An elementary school teacher wants to compare the differences in the reading speed among three groups in her class. The reading speed (words per minute) of the three groups


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