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Q. Mary Jo is a very religious woman. She takes every opportunity to propagate her religion at work, in social gatherings also even at mall. In fact, one of central tenets of her religion is that salvation is dependent upon her converting as many people as she can. Her co-workers, however, have begun to be annoyed at her incessant preaching also her employer has begun to notice that only way work gets done is for co-workers to engage in elaborate schemes to avoid being in her presence. Her employer admonishes her to stop proselytizing at work. She offered, instead, to simply limit her proselytizing to certain hours of day. Her employer declined also told her that she was being paid to work, not to preach. When Mary Jo refuses to accede to her employer's wishes, she is fired. She files a claim with EEOC, alleging that her employer failed to accommodate her religious beliefs. Evaluate merit of her claim.

Reference no: EM1379878

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