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*1: business idea:  my business idea its open transport goods company  in Jordan *

What your business idea is?

Where it is?

Who your target market is? Define by age/social/group/attitudes/where they are 

The gap in the market? Research that supports this?

What unsatisfied needs you are meeting?

2: research: have 2 separate sections: 

A: primary research: use a variety of primary research techniques. Talk to people (depth interviews or focus groups) or (observation) design a questionnaire (survey) and tell me the key results includes a copy of the full questionnaire in the appendix.

Including one or two (no more than two) pie charts/graphs with results of key questions would look good

B: secondary Research: use a variety of secondary research sources to evaluate/investigate your business idea. For example the internet (newspaper/Websites/bbc/Mintel reports) to find out about key figures and trends..

You may want to repeat here some of the data/information you includes in the executive summary/competitor swot analysis/market information.


3: finance, sources of finance:

Tell me which sources of finance you have chosen and why- what are the reasons why these are the best sources of finance for your business?

Use a variety of different sources. Tell me the advantages and disadvantages of each source.

4: finance tables/charts

5: finance – observations:

In the finance section put a few lines after each table (e.g. the sales budget) explaining the variations and the reasons for them. For example: sales will fall in June because of holidays…. 

Clearly state your break-even point (show page 8) what it means for our business e.g I will to see at least 500 units to break even .show this clearly on your break even chart too.


6: swot analysis and research:

Includes information from research to support your swot analysis

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Reference no: EM13242574

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