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This assignment is designed to encourage the development of professional skills through the completion of weekly activities relevant to the role of an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professional. Please refer to the course profile to see how this assessment item relates to the course learning outcomes.

These objectives will be measured by the ‘closeness of fit' to meeting the requirements and the assessment criteria below.

Participation Activity


Using the email guidelines specified in the course materials on the Moodle website write an email to your local lecturer. The body of the email should have two parts: a Personal Biography; and your thoughts about this course.

Part A - Personal Biography

You need to include in the email a well-structured "Personal Biography" (approximately 200 words). The biography should contain an overview of your education, work experience and achievements. Some tips on writing a biography can be found through this link:

Part B - Professional Skills in Information Communication Technology

The email should also describe what you would like to achieve by studying this course and any questions or suggestions you may have about this course. This section should be about 200 words.

You need to upload a copy of your email into Moodle so it can be marked. If you use Outlook you can open the message and click "save as" and save the message as a text file that you can upload into Moodle. Or you could copy and paste the To:, subject line and content of the message in a MS-Word file and also add a screen shot of your email to that file and upload into Moodle.

Reference no: EM13843627

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