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Question: Depending on the type of project and the SDLC applied, system requirements may be developed differently. For example, many current projects use the Agile SDLC, and build requirements based on user-story format. A user story is essentially a use case that describes how a specific user would interact with a system. An example of a user story tied to a customer using an ATM might be, "As a customer of the bank, I need to be able to access my account from an ATM to understand balances across all of my accounts."

What are the attributes that comprise a quality user story, and why are these attributes necessary? Consider the result of poorly written user stories. Provide an example of what you would consider to be a quality user story. This example can be from experience, from a company you know of, or one that you create.

Respond to at least three of your peers. In your response, consider providing another example of a similar user story.

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Reference no: EM132281101

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