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The stakeholders in the USPS Company comprised of the employees, sales manager, and the customers. According to the data from the tool, it seems the stakeholders had a negative attitude towards the identified problem. From the data, it seems the sales representatives experienced a lot of complaints from the customer after experiencing USPS failure. In this scenario, the stakeholders involved are the customers and according to the data in the tool, it shows that the attitude that most of the customers has was a positive attitude. This is evident as data from the table shows that most of the customers were satisfied with the solutions that were implemented to solve the issues that were present in the USPS Company. The employees also developed a positive attitude towards the implemented solutions as the data from the tool shows that most of the employees were satisfied with the solutions that were implemented to solve the issues that were present in the USPS Company. The stakeholder idea was that there should be a change in the company that delivers their mail. That would be one of the ways to reduce customer backlash, reduce delivery failure of the company, and reduce the cost of delivery. The stakeholders that I would seek to support me in the implementation of the system are the customers and sales managers. It is necessary to have the backing of the customers as they are the one being offered the service. If the customers are satisfied with the proposed solution, it will ease implementing the proposed solution. The employees and customers are the stakeholders who will be directly affected by the implementation of the proposed solution. The customers will receive better services and therefore will be satisfied by that. The employees will have a better working experience as they will receive fewer complaints from the customers from the failing of the delivery system. By implementing the proposed solution, the employees are the stakeholders who are likely to pose potential roadblocks. This is because, with a more efficient system, most of them may lose their job. Some of the roadblocks may be suing the company to avoid termination of their current employment or trying to solve the issues in the current system being used by the company. Based upon your stakeholder analysis, identify what you think will be the greatest potential roadblock you will encounter from stakeholders? Summarize the issue and discuss ideas you have for addressing it in a proactive manner.

Reference no: EM131138041

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