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Critical analysis of challenges of software engineering

Describe what you see as the future of Software Engineering challenges particularly applied to Engineering projects. Increasingly, such projects have (and rely upon) very large software components. Integration of the software with other electronic and mechanical systems arguably makes the software engineering component harder when compared with software for more standard computer systems.

Here are some pointers to areas that you could cover:

? The challenge of integrating software and hardware.

? The challenge (and cost) of validating software embedded in physical systems. i.e. to what extent can this software be tested within simulators? Is it possible to test for all eventualities?

? The increasing reliance on cloud systems for data storage and processing. What are the advantages and disadvantages of cloud systems within SE?

? The particular challenges when building mobile systems, or systems that are deployed in hazardous, remote or otherwise challenging environments (mobile, space, etc)

? The challenges of writing code that will work on future hardware setups, but can still operate on existing hardware.

Reference no: EM13819267

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