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Required Final Assessment Assignment - Reflection on the Master of Management (MM) Program experience

Write a 1250-1500 word, APA formatted paper that summarizes your reflection on the learning experience within the MM degree program. It should reflect your candid assessment of the level of achievement of degree's overall Learning Outcomes listed below:


1. Apply change management concepts to strategic planning

2. Design quality improvement initiatives for business systems and processes

3. Develop sustainable business practices using the triple bottom-line approach

4. Apply leadership decision-making frameworks

For each of the five learning outcomes, use your graduate-level critical/evaluative thinking skills and the three questions below to guide your reflection about your personal level of achievement

a) In which of these MM degree program outcomes have achieved significant proficiency? Provide (cite) examples from the work you have done throughout the course of your degree to support your response.

b) Which Learning Outcome(s) did you not achieve proficiency? Where or in what courses or experiences within the course of the MM degree program did these challenges manifest the most? Explain fully and provide examples.

c) Reflecting on your MM degree experience, what would you have done differently to overcome the challenges reflected in the learning outcomes in which you judge yourself to have less proficiency?

Lastly, as you conclude the paper, state your overall assessment of the program; its content, delivery and relevance to your professional/career goals. Based on this encompassing assessment, would you recommend the program to individuals considering it?

This assignment is graded on the basis of how well you support the evaluative statements and conclusions you make. It is NOT scored on the favorability of the comments - so, your candid, honest reflection on your growth in personal knowledge, skills and abilities as well as relevance of the learning to YOU is the true value of completing this assignment.

Reference no: EM132191163

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