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Your dental clinic provides 3,000 exams for private pay patients and 1,000 exams for members of a union. Your fixed costs are $50,000 and your incremental cost is $40.

If the union negotiated a fee of $45 instead, what would you charge private pay patients? (Round to the nearest whole dollar).

Reference no: EM13815487

Graphical illustration-interpretation of efficient pricing

Provide a graphical illustration and interpretation of efficient pricing OR of peak load pricing when there are two classes of visitors to Lory State Park (say, picnickers and

Segment of the demand curve elastic or inelastic

The equation for a demand curve is P = 48 – 3Q. Calculate the elasticity when moving from a quantity of 5 to a quantity of 6? Show your work. Based on your answer, is this seg

Tax-free yearly contribution to retirement fund

Suppose in the first five years of working for ABC Corporation Emily earns $50,000 a year after taxes, but ABC makes no yearly contribution toward a retirement plan for her. H

About the local business person

Everett McCleskey, a local business person, is a good friend of Al Miller, the owner of a local candy store. Every day on his lunch hour, McCleskey goes into Miller’s candy st

Calculate the cost of equity for the two firms

What does the difference in the CCCs tell us about the riskiness of the two firms? Why is that the case? If the expected industry return is 8%, will both firms stay in the ind

What are exclusive territories

What are exclusive territories (ET)? Explain 4 reasons why a manufacturer would be willing to grant an ET to a dealer? Under what circumstances are ET in the public interest?

About the magnitude of the deficit

The United States is a net exporter of services to China. What does this imply about the magnitude of the deficit in the U.S. balance on goods and services with China compared

Explain the change in the quantity of leisure desired

For each group identified in bold type below, use the labor-leisure choice model to illustrate graphically and then explain the change in the quantity of leisure desired. Be s


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