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You are completing an internship at a defense attorney's office during your senior year in college. After graduation, you plan to enter law school and pursue a career as an attorney. You are still thinking about what type of law you want to practice. Your duties as an intern are to assist the private practitioner you work for in a variety of tasks, including interviewing clients and witnesses, organizing case files, running errands, and making copies. You are helping with a case that involves a defendant charged with armed robbery. One day while you are at the office alone, the defendant comes in and gives you a package for the attorney. In it you find a gun. You believe, but do not know for a fact, that the gun is the one used in the armed robbery. When the attorney returns, he instructs you to return the package to the defendant. What should you do? What should the attorney do? Should you turn the gun over to the police? Should you dispose of the gun?

Write a minimum of 2 paragraphs explaining whether or not you would return the gun to the defendant. Justify your answer based on sound moral judgment, values, and consequences of actions, using an ethical decision-making process. What would the potential consequences be for your decision? When responding to classmates' posts, consider the information they provided, and determine why you may or may not agree with their decision.

Reference no: EM131073196

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