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Enrollment in a particular class for the last four semesters has been 120, 126, 110, and 130. Suppose a one-semester moving average was used to forecast enrollment (this is sometimes referred to as a naïve forecast). Thus, the forecast for the second semester would be 120, for the third semester it would be 126, and for the last semester it would be 110. What would the MSE be for this situation?

Reference no: EM13222917

Determine the cost of reducing the project completion date

Determine the cost of reducing the project completion date by 4 months from the normal time. What is the maximum time that can be crashed?  How much would cost increase - you

Perations functions to project management techniques

Many universities, industry professionals, and organizations feel that operations management and project management go hand in hand. Indeed, often the degree programs are simi

Actual output as percentage of the design capacity

Utilization is defined as the actual output as a percentage of the design capacity. The design capacity is the theoretical; maximum output of a system in a given period under

Who bears the loss for the lost pallet and why

Around June 2005, PPI purchased three pallets of computer wafers from Omneon Video Graphics. PPI requested that Omneon ship the wafers directly to the City University of New Y

Evaluating smartphones and mobile operating systems

Evaluating Smartphones and Mobile Operating Systems; Compare the capabilities and features of 3-4 popular smartphones (1 per each team member) and the variety of mobile operat

What are the main differences between project and program

What would be the main difference between Project Management Professional (PMP) certification and the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)? What are four proposals

Determine the powers created by a general power of attorney

determine the powers created by a "general power of attorney" in colorado. Summarize the powers created by a general power of attorney, and express your reasoned opinion as

Manufacturer of office furniture and retailer

Think about Outsourcing (or offshoring) the following two companies, a manufacturer of office furniture and retailer which sells cell phones and data services. What are 5 O


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